From South Korea to North Korea

Radio Echo of Hope
Organization: Korean living abroad (in fact, National Intelligence Service)
Established: June 1973 (Before 1973 as the Voice of Reunification)
Transmitting from: Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

Language: Korean
Station ID: Huimang-ui meari bangsong-imnida
Interval Signal: Sound of the Sacred Bell of King Seongdok-wang (Emille Bell)
Opening and closing music: "Arirang" by Paul Mauriat and his orchestra

1500-1800 3985, 6348 kHz
0300-0600 3985, 6348 kHz
1200-1500 3985, 6348 kHz
Voice of the People
Organization: Korean Workers' Union (in fact, Korean Armed Forces)
Established: June 25, 1986
Transmitting from: Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

Language: Korean
Station ID: Yeogineun joseon nodongja chongdongmaeng-eseo bonaedeurineun inminui sori bangsong-imnida Non ID
1500-1900 3912, 6600 kHz
1100-1500 3912, 6600 kHz

From North Korea to South Korea

Voice of National Salvation
Organization: National Democratic Front of South Korea (in fact, Korean Workers' Party)
Established: Aug. 9, 1985 (Active since Mar. 15, 1967 as Radio Station of the South Korean Democratic National League for Liberation, and Jun. 15, 1970 as the Voice of the Revolutionary Party for Reunification)
Studio: Heungbu-dong, Moranbong District, Pyongyang
Transmitting from: Pyongyang, Haeju and Wonsan, North Korea
* 4120 kHz is shared with 9665 kHz Korean Central Broadcasting Station from Pyongyang
* 6010 kHz is shared with 6250 kHz Pyongyang Broadcasting Station from Pyongyang
* 4400 kHz is shared with 3560 kHz Radio Pyongyang's feeder from Pyongyang
* 1053 and 4557 kHz from Haeju, 4450 kHz from Pyongyang, 3480 kHz from Wonsan

Languages: Korean and English
Station ID: Korean: Kuguge sori pangsong-imnida. English: This is the English language service of the Voice of National Salvation, the National Democratic Front of South Korea.
Interval signal: "Song of General Kim Jong Il"

0300-0700 1053, 3480, (4400) 4450, 4557 kHz
1000-1700 1053, 3480, 4120, (4400) 4450, 4557, 6010(until 1400) kHz
2000-0030 1053, 3480, (4400) 4450, 4557 kHz
0030-0100 1053, 3480, (4400) 4450, 4557 kHz(English)
*4400 kHz is inactive.

From Taiwan to China

Voice of China
Organization: Foundation for China in the 21st Century
Transmitting from: Central Broadcasting System, Taiwan
Language: Chinese
Station ID: Zhongguo zhi yin
Contact Address: VOC, P.O.Box 273538, Concord, CA 94527, USA

0830-0930 11940 kHz
2200-2300 15280 kHz

All times UTC
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