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Kugahara Now
Latest information on Kugahara especially for ex-residents, issued on the quarterly basis
December Issue, 2009
13 December 2009
December scenes of Kugahara
Breaking News
22 September 2008
The willow tree at the "Koban" (police office) has been cut down!
April Issue, 2008
20 April 2008
Spring scenes 2008, Vol.2 Double-flowered cherries, dogwood trees, Tokyu Store
March Issue, 2008
23 March, 2008
Spring scenes 2008
"Cherry Special 2008" has been added. (30/3/2008)
March Issue, 2007
25 March, 2007
Changes in the Distant Landscape from Kugahara, and Exploration of Signs of Spring in Kugahara
December Issue, 2006
24 December, 2006
Flashback 2006
December Issue, 2005
24 December, 2005
News from Kugahara at the end of the year
Fall Issue, 2005
11 September, 2005
The "9.11" in Kugahara (2005)
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Kugahara Research Notes
Volume 3(30 May, 2004) Deindustrialization of Kugahara
Volume 2(12 Feb, 2004) Development of Population of Kugahara
Volume 1(15 Jun, 2003) Publicly Assessed Value of Land of Kugahara
Kugahara, a town of Ohta City, Tokyo, Japan, is located in the center by West of Ohta City, southern-most part of Tokyo.
Kugahara consists of a residential area on a low flat hill and an industrial area in the lower part along the Nomigawa river.

This "Unofficial Homepage of Kugahara" provides the residents, would-be residents of and visitors to Kugahara with ample of information on its history, lifelines, facilities and points of interest.

Let us walk around Kugahara with me as I will give Leeds a walk.

Welcome to Kugahara ! An overview of Kugahara[Updated : 9 April, 2003]
History of Kugahara Wow, what an old town Kugahara really is ! [Updated on 10th August, 2003]
Contour Map of Kugahara The plateau and low land of Kugahara are shown. [Released : 23 March, 2003]
Old Maps and Aerial Photos of Kugahara Old maps and aerial photos issued by Geographical Survey Institute[First released : 22 February, 2003]
Aerial photos released : 29 March, 2003
Hazard Maps of Kugahara Maps of earthquake risks and flood risks published by public agencies are shown.[First released : 21 March, 2005]
Statistics of population of Kugahara Kugahara seen in figures -- Updated on 4th May, 2002
A guide to life in Kugahara Facilities of public service, clinics and lifelines
Playgrounds in Kugahara A virtual walk around places for kids
Prominent residents of Kugahara Houses of prominent residents of Kugahara (Present & past)
Kugahara in Fine Arts Are there any ?
Access to Kugahara How can I get to Kugahara ?
Kugahara and Chidoricho Stations These stations were remodelled and automated ticket gates have been installed.
Links to Kugahara-related homepages Kugahara on the Internet[Updated : 6th February, 2003]

Backnumbers of "Kugahara Now"
Extra Issue January 2005
10 January, 2005
The willow tree at the police station was broken.
The New Year's Morning of Kugahara
1 January, 2005
Snapshots of the first sunrise of the year, New Year's first visit to shrines, and quiet streets of Kugahara in the morning of New Year's Day
The Hot Summer Has Come, 2004
25 July, 2004
Closure of Tsukasa Store, and the "Kugahara Tower", a meteorological observation tower
From winter to spring
13 April, 2004
Cherry blossom, moving of Kugahara Branch Office of Ota City, and counter measure against terrorist attacks
Year End Issue 2003
28 December, 2003
Year end scenes of Kugahara
Spring Issue 2003
31 March, 2003
Refurbishment of Chdoricho Station (2)
A slope and a lift have been completed.
New Year's Issue 2003
1 January, 2003
Refurbishment of Chdoricho Station
A new entrance for Kamata direction has been made.
Early Fall Issue 2002
7 September, 2002
Changing Kugahara #2
The shops located amid the residencial areas are now ....
Early Summer Issue 2002
16 June, 2002
Slopes have been installed to Kugahara Station.
Early Spring Issue 2002
3 March, 2002
The Bridges over the Nomigawa River
November, 2001
23rd November, 2001
Changing Kugahara
The great residences are being pulled down to build small subdivisional houses for sales.
Autumn, 2001 Fests in Kugahara
Autumn, 2000
14th October, 2000
Kugahara Elementary School will be entirely rebuilt.
Summer, 2000
14th October, 2000
"Lilac Avenue Kugahara" Shopping Street
Spring, 2000
14th October, 2000
Daishin Deparment Store and "Hills Kugahara" Condominium

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