simple translation of Japanese linernotes. Sorry for poor expression.

It's 4th of this Crown Archive Series. Japan Crown bought rights to release from Rhino records. These huge tapes were in Eric Gardner's office,I heard. A few tracks were recorded in professional tapes,but otherwise weren't so. Some materials were done in cassette tapes. I suppose these were duplicated directly from master tapes for Todd himself to listen in home. So audio quality is not too bad than I expect,these's some blank for seconds. Maybe when he copied from master to cassette,it occured by reverse point between side A and B. It's big problem to make this project! And one more problem is many materials have worng dates or unknown. It's the proof these had not been managed. This compile works was started after I finished to hear whole audios. There's few unreleased songs in this archive. I suppose almost unreleased songs that is made in 70s are in Bearsville werehouse. [Somewhere/Anywhere?] was just this plan. We wish JVC restart to release archives.

Disc1---whole songs from cassette tapes,some audio qualities are not good. Songs of disc 1 is ordered from 1977 to 1984. First 3 songs from a cassette tape written in label "Todd solo Tunes". These are original takes of "Hermit of Mink Hollow". The same with official but these were the version before final mixing. Lucky Guy is featured only piano. No orchestrations. You cried wolf have no handclaps in intro. No horns in bridge. But this version arleady have good distortions in intro. "Can We" was started on rhythm box at very low level. Fewer keyboard sounds and chorus compared with official version. Arleady decided at fade out point at this moment.(suprise!) I feel naked voices are rough.

Next 4 songs are from demo tapes in "Adventures in Utopia". Tape label was written only in "Demos". No date shown on it. There's some possibilities they were recorded between UK tour (1978 Dec) and 2nd Japan Tour(1979 April).

New Wave Riders--Main vocal is Kaz(official-Todd),he shouted Kaz at the bridge. Former live version of this song was done like this.

Second Nature---This was almost sumilar with official. Only differ points is some counts at the top ,and keyboard and chorus at the bridge.

Very Last Time---included practice before start.

Don't Tie My Hands--Defenately I think this song is the highlight of CD! Original appreared on album"Runt". Everybody don't know this was re-recorded for Adventures LP. I'm suprise this song feels like "Adventures ..." mood. Also this take have 2nd verse. I don't know lyrics of it was made in Runt era or this period. At the top we can hear his voice "Rollin'".

Umbrella man was B-side on "Set me free" 45s on USA,UK,Australia,Germany.....(unlreased in Japan). This song may be out from the album concept. Official have sound of the rain at the top,this demo was fede in the middle. Thunder sounds was replaced with electric noise. Some diiferences appeared in singing at start point.

One World

was written in list "Swing to the right rough mix 1980/7/10". But this may be Defece session in this period. After 3 month of this date Todd sung this song on Defece the Music tour. At that time lyrics was different from official version.(but the same as this demo) Handclaps make this feel Beatlesque sound. No harmonica.


Completely unreleased. Made in 1981. Why did he unused until now? I asked Todd. He replied "Attitude was recorded at the request of Cameron Crowe(the directors of Jerry Maguire and Almost Famous) for Fast Time At Ridgemond High. He opted not to use this song. Wildlife from POV was demoed under similar circumstances." Soundtrack album were featured the artists of Don Henry,Joe Walsh,Jackson Browne,Poco,Stevie Nicks,Donna Summer,Sammy Hager,Billy Squier,Go-Go's.

Next 2 songs from "82/3/20 rough mixes of Network LP" (cassette label said) which included 6 songs in this tape. Other 4 songs were few difference than official. After 6 months from this date,official LP was released.(Quick!)
Libertine--this sung by Roger(after this CD is released,I heard new fact of Todd said this vocal was Doug Howard from ex-Touch) Otherwise arrangements is very similar with official recording. Feet Don't Fail Me Now---some chorus is different.

Next 3 songs from "TEPTAE" dated 82/9/21 Rough Mix. I heard Todd used to make final version with many overdubbing from demo. Only after an half year from Network demo,this was made. Just when network LP was released,Todd prepared next solo LP! Maybe Todd proves new interests fast. Hideaway--Much echo effects at the top of the vocal. There's counts.

Influenza--With longer intro. Personaly I like this version better than official. There Goes My Baybay--No bigger difference than official. There's some distortions occured when dub from master to copy.

Too Much Water(dance version)

Passport Records did promotion for Oblivion. Dance mixes of Crybaby/Itch in my brain/Love with a thinker 12inches was pressed as a promo. For same reason,this may be made.

Mimi Gets Mad

In list this was "TR Demo" . Vocal by Todd instead of Kaz. Guitar solo was quite different. Some lyrics was changed "squeeze" on 2nd verse"she could squeeze of..." But I can't imagine.

Secret Society

Some lyrics were changed in this song,too. Official have "refresh your memory",but replaced "back in your memory". And longer refrain part.


No effects on vocal and exciting guitar solo at the ending. This was found on demos of Tubes' Love Bomb. This Tubes LP cover showed Todd was a member of Tubes. But recently Todd said this song was made for the movie. I don't know the fact is.