1973/9Light MusicAWAT small review
1974/7Light Music1/2 page LP review
1976/11Light Music1page color pix
1975/9Light Music1 page color pix

1972/8Music Life3page articles with nazz photo
1972/10Music Life1page color pix
1973/5Music Lifenews article
1973/10Music Life2page article
1973/12Music Life2page color pix
1974/6Music Life1 page color,1/2 ad
1974/10Music Life1page color pix,LP review,small article w/photo
1975/4Music Life2 page b&w pix
1976/11Music Life1page color pix
1976/12Music Life1/2 Ra LP ad,1 page color,int
1977/2Music Life4page int,1page colorpix,2p live report
1993/12Music Life1p live review

1973/9Rolling Stone(Japanese version)
1974/2Rolling Stone(Japanese version)
1974/12Rolling Stone(Japanese version)

1974/3Ongaku SenkaHello it's me LP review and AD
1974/5Ongaku Senka7page article w/b&w photos
1977/2Ongaku Senka2page color pix 3page int 2page live report 2page article
1977/2Rockin'f2page live report,3page int,LP review
1979/2Rockin'f4p int,2p Roger int
1979/6Rockin'f1/2 live review

1976/11The Musicsmall article
1976/12The Music2 pages color pix
1977/2The Music

1972/8New Music MagazineI saw the light scare
1974/3New Music MagazineLP ad and review
1975/1New Music MagazineUtopia biography,LP review
1977/2New Music MagazineCover,8 pages interview,live review
1978/6New Music Magazine8 pages article
1984/7Music MagazineOblivionLP review
1987/10Music Magazinecoverillust12page article
1987/11Music MagazineAD
1988/3Music Magazine8page int
1990/1Music Magazine
1993/3Music MagazineNWO review
1998/4Music MagazineLP reviewof best of TR

1996/9Record CollectorsBearsville box ad
1998/10Record CollectorsAd of Somewhere/Anywhere?
1998/11Record Collectors2page S/A? article
1999/3Record Collectorsreview of archive series

1986/2Pop Geararticle of Accapella live
1986/8Pop GearOne world FC
1987/10Pop Gear1/2p CD reissue
1988/11Pop Gearsmall article
1988/12Pop Gearsmall article
1988/7Pop GearCD singles review
1988/1Pop Gearsmall article
1988/5Pop Gearsmall article
1988/6Pop Gearfull page JVC ad
1988/10Pop Gearsmall article
1989/2Pop Gearsmall article
1989/3Pop Gear1/2 article

1975/10Rockin' on3page lyric
1977/2Rockin' onLive in Japan b&w1page photo
1979/5Rockin' on1/2 ad
1976/12Rock Magazie1p live pix
1977/2Rocks1page color pix
1977/2Wonderland7page article
1979/4Jam4p int w/Patti,color pix
1979/6Jam4page int w/color pix
1988/2ADLIB2 pages articlesAreissued CD AD,CD reviews
1993/1Crossbeat6page int
1996/8DIGbearsville box 1p

Music Instruments magazines

1974/4Young Guitar1/2 page LP review
1977/3Playercover +4page int
1990/3Player1p live 6p guitar review
1993/12Player6p Paul Gilbert calls TR
1994/1Player1/2p live review
1995/4PlayerCD"I" review
1994/2KB special4p int
1994/1Keyboard Magazinecover,6p concert review&int
1995/4Keyboard Magazine"I"review
1995/5Keyboard Magazine2page int
1994/1Sound & Recordingconcert report 2page color
1995/4Sound & RecordingIndivisualist CD review
1995/5Sound & Recording4p int

Computer Magazines

199?Quit Vol.14p gig review&int
1994/10Mac User1/2p NWO review
1995/3/1Eye-com for Macintosh2p int
1994/12CD-ROM fan1p CD-ROM review
1996/1/18Mac Japan Bros3p int
1997/11/1Mac People1page int w/color pix
1993/12/15Eye-com1p live review
1995/7Cape-X6p int w/color

General Magazines

1993/11/24SPAlive review 1/2p
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