various OBIs on TODD LPs

First three obis are early type of Warner Pioneer Company (AWATS,HELLO IT'S ME,TODD)...Original OBI for AWATS in 1974. "Hello it's me" is selected tracks from S/A? Wizard have 2000yen price mark,Hello it's me is 2300 yen,double LP of TODD have 3400yen. Japanese titles and artist name in Japanese have written in Gothic chracters.

Typical mid 70s obis are from TR's Utopia to Faithful. Simple layout. Record number on top,titles and name on center,song titles on left(or below),price and manifactures on bottom.

Japanese "Ballad of" LP was released in early 80s as a first time. It comes original format of label,gate fold cover.

Late 70s OBIs. RA have 2 kinds,yellow comes first,late version is dark brown. BTTB have slim obi than regular ones.

Early 80s. Japanese distrubution was changed from Warner Bros to CBS Sony. CBS Sony was used Bearsville Logo on OBI. Each LP have custom designed. Also exists Network Utopia LP and Ever Popular.

Last segment is from mid 80s. Oblivion was released from WEA group. Accapella was from Warner Pioneer. Slim type. Kaz solo LP from Toshiba EMI in 1980 or 81.