yHow to access FHMC BBS for mobile phonez
Field Hockey Members Club Tokyo@since@PXVW

       i-mode, EZ-web, Vodafone available

To access to our BBS for mobile phone;

1. Put the address above into mobile phone directly  

2. Put your mail address of mobile phone  

Mail address of@your mobile phone @
To receive the message from PC,do not block the mail  from @rocketbbs.com  !

URL for mobile i-BBS uFHMC Tokyo 1978v@will be sent to your mobile address !
Message sent to your mobile phone are written in Japanese ('``G)A
You can  access to BBS for mobile phone easily only@by clicking the URL in a mail you receive !!B
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This file is modified for the sake of foreign members of FHMC Tokyo,
from  "http://www1.rocketbbs.com/615/user.cgi?mode=mobile&id=FHMC1978&ttl=%81%99FHMC+Tokyo+1978%81%99"
by Takeo ARAI