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latest info in Japan

Todd will perform as a member of Ringo Starr All Star Band in 2013.
Feb 25&26 Zepp Tokyo,Feb 27 Zepp Nagoya, March 1 Zepp Osaka
Standing in a hall 10500yen,seats in 2nd floor 15000 yen
Press announce is here(Oct 22)

TR band will appear at Fuji Rock Fes 2011 on July 30. I suppose it will be a short set than usual US Greatest Hits tour. approx.90min. on "Field of Heaven" Stage,which has almost 30min walk from entrance. capacity is 5000.
Ticket 16800 yen @single day. 39800yen for all 3 days. Including shuttle bus from/to Echigo Yuzawa Station(Bullet train stop,1 hour from Tokyo). Camping available. Eco friendly festival. (6/26)

Jan 29@Highline Ballroom NYC on youtube

Never Neverland
Crying in the Sunshine another first half  and second half
Lady Face
Dust in the wind   another   one more HQ
Utopia theme(14min) another another on Vimeo and ending Freak Parade another Another Life@another The Ikon(first half) The Ikon(second half) another another full version Heavy Metal Kids Wheel another Set Me Free Do Ya another Last Ride Freedom Fighter Just One Victory another HQ version
encore: Sons Of 1984 another Friends another
(Jan 31th,added Feb 3rd and 7th)

Kaz played in Ginza,Tokyo. Oct 12th.

I just wanna touch you! 
Somebody Loves You
Are you happy now?
Love Alone
Set me free
Long and Winding Road
Lady Madonna
Sacrifice(from Quid Pro Quo)
Yellow Cab
I'm Looking Through You(Beatles)
Across The Universe
One World
encore:Don't Hold Me Back

Todd performed at Mt.Fuji! Some twitpic was posted. one, two, three. This was mazing moment when they played Mt.Fuji appeared among the clouds. See youtube!(Oct.10th,added 13th)

First time Kaz will play solo in Japan! At the off of this tour Oct.12 7pm. 4000yen (approx. $47 w/one drink) at center in Tokyo For visiters of this Johnson tour from abroad,mail us to join (Sep 26th)

Todd in outdoor festival on Oct 10th. The band will perform for "Asagiri Jam" held the foot of Mt.Fuji. But only one hour gig. Bus tour available.(Sep 26th)

Todd/Healing tour is over! Thanks Doug. And I uploaded some photos from Keswick and Morristown gig. Check this if you want.(Sep 26th)

WEBCAST in Todd/Healing tour!
email from Chris Andersen;

We are again promoting a webcast from one of the dates on the Todd/Healing
tour. It will originate from the show at the Keswick Theater in Glenside, PA
on September 14th at 7:30PM EDT. As well as the concert performance of the
complete Todd and Healing albums it will include an excerpt of his interview
with Roy Firestone and some coverage of the Toddstock movie premiere and
party. We've lowered the price to $19.95 because of some of the cooments you
forwarded from last time. The subscriber will be able to see the live show
plus watch it as much as he wants for the following 30 days.

The url to buy tickets is easy. Its

thanks so much for your help,
Chris Andersen
Nevessa Production
(Aug 27)

After NZ short tour,Todd and Jesse will perform in Sydney@Basement Club in Oct 2,next day Blues Festival @suberban of Sydney. Oct 6th Melbourne(Corner Hotel),Oct 8th Perth Conference and twilight concert. Then,fly to Tokyo Oct 9th maybe.(Aug 27)

Todd decided tours in Oceania before coming to Japan. Sep 24 in Auckland,Sep 26 in Wellington,NZ. After that Todd will preform in Blues Festival,near Sydney Oct 1-3. However says Kas and Prairie will not join these Oceania tour.(July 2nd)

Officially announced! Todd will perform in Japan again. Oct 11th Shibuya Quatro,Tokyo 13th Nagoya Quatro,14th Osaka Quatro,15th Shibuya Duo Excahnge. This will be a Todd Rundgre's Johnson Tour with Kasim,Jesse,Prairie. 6800yen each venue with one drink. Go for details.(June 7th)

Todd will take part in OneMovement conference in Perth,Australia Oct,before coming to Japan. Also will perform TRs Johnson set in Wellington and Auckland,New Zealand. Then TR will tour to Japan in Oct,he said. Festival in Mt.Fuji,Osaka,Nagoya,Shibuya Quatro and Duo exchange in Tokyo.(May 13th)

Here's video trailer of webcast. (April 2nd)

New webcast show of TR's Johnson tour in April 11th. $24.95 for total 6 hours viewing including live and archive of this show. Payment accepts only by credit cards.No paypal. (Mar 31th,updated April 1st)

Euro tour is over. Same format as last December tour. Many videos on youtube. Check it!(Feb 24)

There's online interview of TR about forthcoming AWATS west coast tour.(Nov.17)

Beasville Box(4CDs) will be reissue as SHM-CD format on Dec 16th. Orginal version was released in late 90s includes various Bearsville artists Todd,Utopia,Roger Powell,Paul Butterfields Blues Band,Forghat,dBs more!
New version will have some bonus tracks like M.Frog,Lazarus,Jesse Frederick.(Nov.8th)

AWATS shows in West Coast was announced!!!
December 1, 2009: Palace of Fine Arts Theatre, San Francisco, CA
December 2, 2009: Crest Theatre, Sacramento, CA
December 4, 2009: Orpheum Theatre, Los Angeles, CA
December 5, 2009: Ventura,CA
Go for latest info. (Oct 10)

On Youtube,someone posts high quality of AWATS pre-recorded interviews in Akron. Transcription (was posted on TR Connection) is here.(Oct 3)

Article of recent webcasts from NewTek.(Sep 24)

My PPV reports for Akron and Chicago written in Japanese. But there's some links to Youtube and screenshots. Try at google translate.(9/16,24)

Retro Blog featured review of Chicago PPV.(Sep 19)

Review of Stamford show. Lot of comments were posted about this.(Sep 16)

There's a review of Akron 2nd day. Another review.(Sep 16)

Cleveland TV has news archive of his interview and rehersal by windows media format.(require Flip4Mac for Mac) Cool.(9/16)

New interviews about AWATS gigs on some sites. One is writer's blog of Guitar World,other is "The Quiteus"(thanks Peter).(Sep 14)

TR with nUtopia and AWATS peformed in Ohio and Chicago! PPV webcasts were almost great. Before the show and intermission,Michele and Chris Andersen talked together on the street and backstage in Chicago. TR was also interviewed about AWATS albums(prerecorded).(Sep 14)

Oct 23,Phily Spectrum,Hall and Oates gig with Todd Rundgren! Also Hooters will be special guest.(Aug 28)

Bun E Carlos sent me a mail about post-NAZZ era.
I replaced Thom Mooney in Fuse when him and Stewkey were in the band. I drummed in Sick Man of Europe too! Rick and Stewkey did three demo tunes in Philly in August of 1972 with Cotton Kent and Hank and John Ransome from Philly band Good God, otherwise, myself and Tom Petersson did all the Sick Man of Europe stuff. Setting the record straight! Thanks, Bun E Carlos. August 2009 (Aug 28,2009)

Huffing Post(blog news) did inteview to TR by digital chat. He said about costumes and thought for AWATS.(Aug 28,2009)

Poster of TR Forum said about UK AWATS shows "Peter Noble said in his press release more shows to be annouced in the coming weeks."(Aug 28,2009)

AWATS tours in US,webcast available! Pacakge#1 Arkon in Sep 6 and 7,Package#2 for two Chicago shows including pre-show. details will follow. Also Todd will attend event in Cleveland "Hall of Fame" on Sep 7th.(Aug 28,2009)

US music mag "Guitar Player"Oct issue feartured interview of New York Dolls. They talked about recording of new album on Kauai.(Aug.28,2009)

UK/US release date are shown on NOBLE UK. Sep 29(UK),Sep 30(US) from Hi Fi Recordings that is joint venture of major label.(July 22,2008)

Japanese music magazine "Record Collectors" has AD of new Japanese version CDs of Moogy and Moogy 2 will be on sale at July 30 with bonus track from Airmail Recordings. CD will be made 24bit remastered.(July 13,2008)

My space "Toddrundgrenmusic" has full length of "MAD",but undownloadable file.(July 13,2008)

My space of Texas club are upload 2 new songs of "Arena",Mad and Strike.

European unconfirmed dates. Nov.15 Eindhoven, Netherlands Nov.16 Bonn (Germany) Nov.20 Trabando Paris Nov.23 London Forum

T shirts was sold at TR's house. Same T was also sold at Waterfest,WA June 26.(July 1,2008)

Sorry for long silence. Toddstock was finished.(June 30,2008)
Finished Japan tour for 10 shows. Basic set was 9 songs short from regular US show. His voice was rough.Over 100 bucks for each show included dinner. Last show was amazing! Todd said "Anything goes!" before he started to sing.Hightlights---The band played Cream's Crossroads,Todd also played solo,then Jesse did. After this show,Jesse excited and said to me. BLACK AND WHITE/SOUL BROTHER/BLACK MARIA/I SAW THE LIGHT/NO.1 LCD~CROSSROAD(CREAM)/LUNATIC FRINGE/TINY DEMONS/MAMMON/FACIST CRIST/THE WALL CAME DOWN/MISITIFIED~BROKE DOWN AND BUSTED~MISTIFIED/SLUT/ONE WORLD/TRAPPED/WORLDWIDE EPIPHANY
And One World party was held after 2nd day shows in Tokyo.Kaz sung "Libertine","There goes my inspiration","This must be Love","Death of R&R","Communion with the sun" with our club band. Some photos and comments are shown on Sue's ""

After a few days of Japan gig,the band will perfrom in Florida.

4/12 is Tampa, FL- Tampa Theater
4/13 OFF
4/14 Lake Buena Vista HOB, FL
4/15 Miami, FL- Fillmore
4/16 OFF
4/17 Atlanta, GA -Variety Playhouse
4/18 Greenville, SC -Handlebar
Maybe tour will continue until April 27,up to north on east coast.(Feb 26)


Fri. April 4 - Osaka Billboard
Sat. April 5 - Osaka Billboard
Sun. April 6 - Off
Mon. April 7 - Tokyo Billboard Live
Tues. April 8 - Tokyo Billboard Live
Wed. April 9 - Tokyo Billboard Live
Two show at each night. 8500/6500 JPY(OSAKA) 9000/7000 JPY(TOKYO)
After Japan tour,The band fly to Florida quickly to play next US tour.(Feb 24)

In Aug.22,13 albums of Foghat released from Bearsville will be reissued mini LP format with K2HD mastering from Japan Victor.(July 19)

Patti Smith "Wave" was reissued by mini LP format with two extra tracks in June 20th.(July 19th)

"Party of Two" was reissued from WOUNDED BIRD Records with some demo tracks.(July 19th)

About new bearsville remastered CD,Pipeline '76(Stereo Version)/Pipeline '76(Mono Version) will be added on Roger's AIR POCKET,two single versions of his first cut on Felix Cavaliere,one live version added on Great Speckled Bird,no extra track on Halfnelson.(Feb.28)

JVC will release new remastered version of 15 Bearsville titles including Roger Powell's "Air Pocket",M.Frog "S/T" on March 7th. There's some bonus tracks. All titles have K2HD coding remaster. Also Steve Hillage's "L" will be release here with three extra tracks on March 21th.(Feb.17)

Todd played with Tony Levin Band in Canada! features this tour.(Sep 7th)

There is new bootleg of New Cars on ebay. Live at Wolftrap,VA June 6. Japanese bootleg retailer also sells here(July)

Todd Rundgren on Youtube. Search! There are many videos like Nazz Open my eyes,Hello it's me,Black Maria,7 rays,Bread,Real Man on Midnight Special. Promo film of Feet don't...,Something to fall back on,Can we still be friends,Facist Christ. New Cars(2 versions of Not Tonight,I saw the light),Wheel(live in 1995).(July)

Wounded Bird Records released Roger's Air Pocket included single only "Pipeline '76".(July)

AD on french free paper "VIOR" at Montreal,Canada

Disk Union(Japanese major CD retailer) sells first 8 titles with special box designed "RA" LP and replica of original Japanese miniture OBIs. Another special box designed of "BTTB" with OBIs.(June)

ALART! 15 Bearsville titles will be released in NEW FORMAT! JVC already released three titles(Ballad,S/A?,AWAT) with MiniLP,original inner sleeve,Gimmick cover,gate-fold,etc. and remastered,processed by K2HD coding. Other 15 Bearsville titles(from Runt to TEPTAE) will do same process with SOME BONUS TRACKS including Umbrella Man and Special Interest!!! It planned to release at June 16th(8 titles) and June 28th(7 titles).(April 21th)

JPN music magazine "Strange Days" will have big articles(about 20 pages) of Todd includes 3pages interview by phone for new NAZZ remastered CDs. This will be on sale at April 20th(April 17th)

CD"It's Alive" will delay at June 6th.(April 17th)

UK music magazine "UNCUT" May issue features small article of The New Cars.(April 17th)

Noble PR sent me final inlay of New Cars CD. On sale at June 6th(USA),June 12th(EU/UK)

(April 14th)

Allmusic site have The New Cars page.(April 14th)

One major record retailer "Disk Union" plans NAZZ BOX set for 3 NAZZ reissues. When you buy all 3CD in one time at this store,you can get hard cardboard box designed of nazz first album.(March 28th)

Next TR Connection Podcast is press conference at House of Blues,LA held in March 14th. This hours long files(45MB) has also included rough recording of Just what I needed,Let's Go(wow),Candy-O (^^)/,Not tonight,and Good times roll. It worths listening.(March 28th)

In Kasim's Blog,there's some shots of Late Late Show,and recording for Meatloaf's next CD in LA.(March 28th)

Forthcoming NAZZ remastered CD are shown in manufacture's site.(March 20th)

Three NAZZ albums will be reissued in Japan on April 26th. Cardboard cover format and remastered,added many bonus tracks included "Fungo bat session" and three singles. Outside of Japan,you can buy at Details are in CD Journal(in Japanese),but songlists in English. NAZZNAZZ and NAZZ III.(March 6th) is open. Featured some video files.(Feb 3rd)

New Cars(Todd,Kasim,Elliot,Gerg) performed in LA Jan20&22. It's kind of showcase for promoter,or open rehersals. Played one new song of New Cars,two Todd tunes and rest of the songs from past hits of The Cars.(Feb.3rd)

DVD "Liars Live" was released in US. It has REGION FREE(cover says Reagion 1),compatible for outside US of NTSC viewer. Included Japanese diary with our party! Jesse palyed Hang on Sloopy,Kaz sung and played "This must be love". And Todd,Kaz,Jesse played and sung "I saw the light". Bonus part was shoot by Todd's family.(Feb 3rd)

JVC will release new mastering of MINI LP format CD in Japan. Date is set Jan 12th.
The Ballad of Todd Rundgren VICP-63260@\2,310(approx $20)
Something/Anything? VICP-63261`2@\3,360
A Wizard,A True Star VICP-63263 \2,310

These are using new technology "K2HD",developed for "20bit Digital K2" JVC was used for these CD. gK2 High Definitionh is contained 24bit signals on CD,the said.(Nov.21)

Released CD format of "Will Powers"(Lynn Goldsmith's project in 1983) is released recently. Buy at CD Baby.(Nov.7)

In US,DVD Liars Tours in US will be relreased in Nov. There is rumour this will be included "Japanse Fan Club Party" footage. Also cover photo was shot by One World FC.(Oct.17)

On Japanese "Record Collectors Magazine",The Band was featured. Stage Fight LP was originally 7 tracks Todd mixed and other Glyn Johns mixed. But when Stage Fight was released first time on CD format,9 Glyn Johns mixed songs were used(also this was early mixed version of LP). In 2000,newly remastered versions of their CD was released. whole songs was used from original LP version.(10/15)

Infos from our fanzine,Japan Victor will release remastered CD using new technology with miniLP format next year.(Oct.4)

On,Eric Carmen was said "I was met with Todd when Raspberries did final mixed on their first LP. Also Eric made "I wanna be with you" inspirated from "Couldn't I just tell you" after he bought S/A? LP.(Sep.6)

On Aug 10,"Nitch Hits AOR Collection ~Feel The Wind" was released. This CD contains rare tracks of AOR. Love is the Answer was featured but regular official version.(Aug.21)

TR was interviewed by British music magazine "UNCUT" before concert in London. Article will be featured in September issue.(July 2nd)

Ethel did TR birthday celebration wearing hawaiian hula costume for Todd.(from Ethel's blog)(July 1st)

Todd was interviewed from UNCUT magazine before the show in London.(July 1st)

The Scotsman newspaper in Scotland today ran the following review of the Joe/Todd/Ethel gig in Edinburgh (June 8). It was published on Friday June 10th.

Another rave review of the Joe/Todd/Ethel concert. This particular review was published on June 9th in the Sunderland Echo. It's a review of the Sage Gateshead concert in the UK on Monday June 6th.

The Newcastle Journal published an interview/preview with Todd Rundgren on June 6th. This interview was a preview of the Sage Gateshead concert that same night on Monday June 6th.(June 12)

Suddenly Todd will appear summer gigs with Hall and Oates concert.

York Evening Press have review in June 2nd.
Bristol Evening Post have review of live cocert in May 31.

Todd played new songs for European gigs like STOOD UP,SOUL BROS,Afterlife,Load Cancellor's Nightmare song.(June 9th)

Todd and Joe Jackson will be on tour in Europe after US tour.(March 16th) and showed new release NAZZ CD "Fungo Bat"!!! It will be original recording tracks of their second and third LP. Some unreleased track will be expect. But other track were already released as "Todd Sings","From Philadelphia".(March 16th)

4 Badfinger titles and Iveys CD were released again as MINI LP format with OBI!! Released only in Japan. Not Copy controlled CD,it is great news. Some bonus tracks.(Mar. 16th)

NJ based FM station WFMU aired 2 hours program of Moogy on Mar.6th. Now you can hear this archive on Real player or MP3 stream. Many related songs were played like Freak Parade(Moogy version),songs from Moogy solo LP,Music from Free Creek,Lady face,Dust in the wind,Friends. Also talked about Session about Jeff Back,Clapton,Linda Ronstadt,Butterfiled Blues Band,first encountered with Todd,songs about Ladyface,Dust in the wind.(Mar.7) reported to held concert for funds raising on Mar 5th. Staring Todd,Donald Fagen and some nation-famous musicians(local residents in Kauai).(Mar.7)

Todd attended as keynote speaker of Pro Production Awards in LA. He also speaked he'll be Utopia reunion tour in 2006,tour with Donald Fagen this fall.(Mar.7)

Dualdisc and LPs of Liars are avilable at TR Paypal friendly for overseas fan. Also new DVDs of "Todd Rundgren for President-Live 1987"(from unofficial video) is on sale.(Feb.4)

UK Sanctuary recently released analog LP version of "Liars" from EARMARK label. 2LP (Jan.25)

New patronet brouser is downloadble now! But some troubles occured.(Jan.25)

Dualdisc "Liars" will be on sale at Jan.25. You can pre-order it at and

More tour dates(w/Joe Jackson) is appeared at

New tour(with Joe Jackson) is announced at a few local venues. Details are in tour section of TRconnection.(Nov.27)

First TR-ibute cookbook are issued by US fan. "Give them love,give them bread" features over 225 favorite and multi-generation recipes from TR and family,and fans. for details.(Nov.27)

Some blog sites are featured Todd in Japan.(written in Japanese,but you can find photos).
Kenzo Saeki's blog(he was managed tribute event in 1997)
Kentaro Sakuri's blog (he is producer,found him beside with Todd at One World Party) (Nov.8)

Todd was interviewed by FM station in local Tokyo area. He said about next plans these gigs will be held with Joe Jackson and Ethel on April 2005,and mentioned he will start project with Donald Fagen.(Nov.1)

Kas mentioned in his mailinglist,he played and sung a few songs at our fan club party on Oct.25(previous day of Tokyo gig). All band and some crew members,Todd's family attended,played their songs by our members. Some songs were helped with Jesse,Kasim and Todd. Details are in Sue's

Japan gigs is end. Two Tokyo days were full of crowds and have "Love Science". Performed nearly 2hrs and half. BTS was getting longer and longer. Shooting photo are strongly prohabited,securities were always watching audiences action. Almost Japanese couldn't get pics. However some American took some in a hall,see "tour infos" of TR conn.(Oct.28)

Todd comes here with his whole family. His son appeared to the stage three times. First on BTS,Rex and Randy(Purple and Orange suits). Second(on BTS) is Randy instead of Kaz. Last is on JOV,Todd called Randy but he didn't come quickly.(Oct.26)

The band come to Japan!! Full set,same orders with US tour! In Osaka,no Love Science,but BTS lasts 20 minutes long.2hours 10 to 15min. "04"Liars baseball Tshirts \4500($41),black "Liars"logo T \3500($31),white T(stage illustrated) \3500.@Go for more details.(Oct.26)

In Tokyo area,NTV has some 30sec spot of Tokyo gig frequently.(Oct 6th)

Todd finished second leg of Liars tour. Good mood and relax,played Love Science and Want of a nail. Portland gig(Sep 22) is currently appeared on torrent file.(Oct 6th)

After short leg of west coast,Todd fixed some problems under Japanese envoirment and new page "Patience Patrons".(Sep 29)

Silverline(released some DVD-audios on bootleg series) will start new format "DualDisc". On Nov,will released some titles includes Todd. Unknown title now. DualDisc have 2 sided,regular CD side and DVD(video or audio,5.1 surround or others)side. $15-$20 each.(Aug 31)

Osaka,2Tokyo gigs have some seats on upstairs,but already sold out.(Aug 31)

Finally August shows and early September shows until 9/6 in Tucson,AZ were cancelled.(Aug 4th)

Stewkey will perform at hometown called NAZZ II. --Aug. 24, 2004 @ the TLA 334 South St. Phila. 215-922-1011 @ 8:00pm--Tickets: $12.50 in advance ' Brotherly Love All-Star Show '(Aug 4th)

August tour of Liars band were cancelled. But two Colorado stops will be held as solo(tantative).(Aug 4th)

You can get audio in Buffalo,NY(June 8th) at sharing the groove.(July 22th)

From TR connection,there's a review of forthcoming DVD "Live in Boston"1982. Here.(July 13)

Europe Tour starts! First appearance in Holland. Pictures is here.(July 12)

The band will come to Japan! Oct.23 Nagoya,24 Osaka,26&27 Tokyo.(July 2)

Relix mag featured latest interview.(online and paper).(July 2)

This year's Abbey Road Tour were included "Maxwell's Silver Hammer",but no "While my guitar". Short set,less than two hours at Casino.(July 2)

Performance in Albany,NY was recorded by 8 cameras in June 9.

FLOW was added at the end of the first leg in Kansas City and St.Louis.

In Lancaster,PA(April 30) some fans saw the video cameras for shooting. Was this for DVD??(May 20)

UK mag "Uncut" feartured New York Dolls Special including gruop shots with Todd! And DVD box review with alternate photo,Free CD included "Afterlife". Get it!(May 13)

Last of first leg in June Todd will join AWDAR tour in Atlantic City. Members will be the same with previous(w/Alan Person,Christopher Cross,Joey Molland,Denny Lane,Godfrey Townsend).

After this,Todd will be back to Hawaii's small island to spend vacation with family.
Then will leave for Europe. US second leg will start middle(?) of August in Central Park,NYC. With Joe Jackson--Double headliner!(May 13)

Photos @PIT by Roger Steel

Todd's complete UK tour dates are now as follows:

Bristol Carling Academy - Monday July 12
Birmingham Symphony Hall - Wednesday July 14
London Royal Festival Hall - Thursday July 15
Glasgow Carling Academy - Saturday July 17
Manchester Bridgewater Hall - Sunday July 18


Many UK mags featured interviews with Todd like Sunday Express,Uncut,Sound on sound. Details are in TR connection(Apr.16)

Liars tour is started from WI. 2 UK tour is added. Todd said after Chicago gig,"West Coast tour starts on Aug."(Apr.16)

Japanese version of Liars have shorter than approx 40 seconds total.Especially Future,Past,Flaw are over 10 sec shorten.(3/23)

Japanese Music Mag "Strange Days" featured interview of Todd about "Liars". EU/US version have no pause between the songs. Japanese one have pauses. Because Todd must rush to finish due to contract.(3/18)
Also said "After Europe tour,will return to tour in west coast late Summer.(3/19)

Added more;
playlouder(UK's altenative rock web)

Liars: BBC Review the album in full:

Todd speaks with

Sanctuary Spokesman showed me some new interviews in UK. Get Ready to Rock and RockIndex.(Mar.15)

Sanctuary PR person sent me a mail to use banner of Liars.(Mar.5)

Patronet member can download two new songs of "Soul Brother" and "Afterlife"(liars version) on sty section.(Mar.5)

A mailinglist (related Todd) reported Jesse's site says there's extended tourdates called "Todd Rundgren and The Liars",will run around mid-June.(Feb.26)

Sanctuary announced "Press Release of Liars" Included his comments of concept.(Feb.20)

trconnection reported---Liars will be out in April 6th(US)and April 5th(UK). Different cover from Japanese release. An insider writes new album is really phenomenal,very spiritual, electronic......see for details. insider is NOT me.(Feb.15)

Management said US release date is set on April 6th.(Feb.9)

New CD"Liars" will be on sale Mar.17th in Japan. 14tracks,over 73min. 16pages booklet with lyrics. An US online source said Sanctuary will sell Liars on April 6th.(Feb.7)

Four members of Utopia were interviewed for forthcoming Santucary DVD release. A fan said they talked about Reunion there,but Mary Lou don't know,Kaz is not answer clearly and Todd laughed and denied.(Jan .14)

Lastest our fanzine said Lair tour members (of next Spring) are determined. Jesse Gress(guitar),Kasim(bass),Prairie Prince(drums),John Frenzik(key.)(Dec.24)

Record company said Todd will finished recording of forthcoming CD this month. No other details are unknown(Dec.11)

TR is selling DVD-R copy of German TV live(not official) and Ankh Guitar Tshirts. Very good designs.(Nov.24)

In fall mini tour,Todd was in fighting mode in Tempe,AZ. I heard he was angry for promoter's attitudes.(Nov.24)

DVD format of REDUX 92 was selling on ebay. This is made in Korea and official. Picture quality is excellent. Maybe it is duplicated from Japanese laserdisc.(Nov.17)

TR will sell new unreleased materials of Moogy and original Utopia.---Coming soon! "Utopia Lost" - the unreleased songs of the original Utopia and "Edging Toward Utopia" - Moogy & the Rhythm Kings live at Max's Kansas City 1972 - featuring the original Utopia members, Moogy, Schuckett and Seigler. Go and check at (Nov.3)

Todd wants to finished recordings of new CD before Tour starts(Nov.1) But his patronet has been troubled in these days,so I don't know he can finish.(Nov.3)

New bootleg are selling. One is 1974 Oct in NYC(3CD),other is 1975 BBC. Possibly made in Japan. NYC source was from fan's network,BBC was duplication of past bootleg.(Nov.1)

Patronet is still test mode,but contests will be features at Nov.1st.(Nov.1)

Rick Neilsen was interviewed on Japanese music mag "DIG",he said he met TR first at Marquee Club, London in Christmas season of 1968. He asked other Nazz members,Rick united FUSE.(Nov.1)

Todd appeared "Late Nite with David Letterman" on Oct 6th,as band master& guitarist. Played coupled songs of hits between commercial.(Nov.1) TR annouced renewal of patronet. Many of testers encountered black screen or script error! Mac OS 9.2.2 user can see the front page! Trash the settings file along with his second email. No detail on site,cause he said it's time for stablity.(Sep.8)

Next box set from Sanctuary will be "Last of New Wave Riders" 7CD set on sale Oct 20.(Sep.8)

Todd was interviewed on US mag "Playgirl". Maybe many of female fan can't buy. features this article on his site.(Aug 21)

Nazz "Open our eyes,the anthology" is released as LP format in UK. 3LP set and 180g vinyls. Inside showed linernotes and photos of foreign 45s(bigger than CD). Around 30 UK pounds.(Aug.12)

CD BOX"Can't stop running" is released late July. You can get 27th)

You can hear the archive of FM program Stewkey attended,at 22)

Stewkey will appeared in Radio Show in July 26th(7-9PM). Bob Brainen's Show

Special Guest:Stewkey Antoni-lead vocalist and keyboard player of The Nazz.
The Nazz were legendary late 60's Philly quartet who's guitarist and 
main songwriter was Todd Rundgren.
We'll be reminising about the old days with Stewkey and also talking about
the new days and some upcoming gigs that he has.
Broadcasting at 91.1 in the NYC area.

Live airstreams,and archives at:
Thanks Bob for info.

Summer solo tour is started in TN. And in July 17th,AWDAR gig was held(July 29th)

DVD"Live in Ohio 1980" is delayed schedule to Aug.19(July 20th)

TR connection says new Abbey Road Tour was confirmed in Dayton,OH,July 17th(July 9th)

Amazon and TR starts to pre-order for DVD"Live in Ohio 1980". Perfomance was a part of promotion of LP"Adventures in Utopia" in June 6,1980,Columbus,OH. Original tapes have over 2 hours(almost entire concert). 3/4 inches cassette tape format,so video quality is not excellent. I don't know it features whole or a part and effected noise reduction/image enhanced. Disc may have region 1 format. Single disc.(July 2nd added July 4th)

TR book(Dream goes on forever) is selling on TR 2nd)

"With a little help from my friends"CD is a Canadian version of "And his friends"(metal musicians made backtrack with Todd vocal). And "Re-mix" is Europen version of "Reconstructed".(July 2nd)

Last year CD "Paul Butterfield Blues Band,Sometimes I Just Feel Like Smilin'" was released in US from Wounded Bird Records.(June 18) showed forthcoming box set of "Can't Stop Running" from Sanctuary Records. I suppose 6CDs consists Live at Bottom Line,NYC(1CD),Chicago 1991(2CD),Accapella tour 1985(2CD),Another side of ROXY 1978(1CD)(June 13) Details are in starts to sell Todd book directly. You can use paypal.(June 7) says new Castle box set will be "Can't stop running" on July 28. And DVD called "Live in Columbu OH 1980" on July 22.(June 7)

Todd sent latest letter to Patronet members. It was said about new Apple server for patronet,New tour dates,and recording for new CD.(June 7)

Pollstar said Todd will be peform a few gigs as solo in mid July.(May 21)

Michelle said her own radio PGM in Kauai "Todd sung "Mated" at Liv's Wedding.(May 18)

Japanese mag "Strange Days" did interview with Todd via phone about new George Tribute Album. Todd talks this recording session and thought of George Harrison and Beatles. I think it's rare.(May 9th)

April 25th,Liv Tyler's second wedding was held in NY with Todd.(May 9th)

After TVappearance in NY,Todd performed near Allentown,PA with Jesse. Like Japan Bluenote Tour,Jesse played Lucky Guy and Never Never Land.(April 19)

TODD appeared on David Lettermen Show(US Television CBS) on April 16th. Played Hello it's me with Paul Shaffer's band.(April 18)

Reviews of Todd book were found on UK"MOJO"April and UK"Record Collector"April,JPN"Record Collectors"May".(Apr.16)

Wedding Ceremony of Liv Tyler was held in Carribean on March 25. Cleveland The Plain Dealer said Todd didn't attend but we have info of many possibilities he was there.(Apr.16)

Japan Victor will released maxi-single "Someday We'll know" as a next H&O cut on May 21.(Apr.6)

Santucuary's "Live in Japan"CD is selling in Japan. But some discs have different details on disc 1. Check immediately when you buy.(April 4)

DVD audio version of Santucuary archives is showing on this site.(Mar.29)

At,some of summer tour is determined. But still no infos about Todd will join.(Mar.15)

Santucuary Records(UK) will release "Live in Japan '90 "(2CD) as bootleg series vol.4. Maybe same source with video/DVD. No extra tracks and Love of the common man will be delated.(Mar.15)

On ebay,The Nazz "Fungobatz" CD is selling frequently. It seems like CDR pressing and cover and back photos ware taken on some websites relating TR fan site. Including tracks were from "Todd Sings","From Philadelphia","13th and Pines"CD. If you have all official CDs,no need to get it.(Feb.27)

I noticed recently,Buzzy Linhert album originally issued in early 70's was released in 2000 in Canada. "Buzzy"('71) was mixed by TR.(Feb.16)

Winter short tour was ended. Last day in WV,Todd and a few other musicians performed and was recorded for NPR. But some PA problem and flubs,he had to refrain some of the songs.(Feb.16)

New H&O CD was released here(before US release). Todd was credited as electric guitarist(no other E. G.) on "Someday you'll know".(Feb.5)

Next tour(will start end of March),continues end of April from TX,then OH,NY to PA. Then he will tour with H&O again this Summer.(Todd said to fans)(Feb.5)

Before mini tour,Todd was attended at Portland lecture in Jan 16 and said about his creativities. He told he got new songs in his own dreams sometime,and patronet,nazz.(Jan.20)

At last Todd book is on sale! Many b&w early photos I've never seen,some foreign singles w/PS,and 16page color photos. There's more stuff like ticketstub,tour setlists,tour ad etc. And rare magazine articles and interviews. Over 460 pages. Get it at magazine) and 20th Century Guitar did interviews with Todd. Mainly talked about Nazz Anthology and guitar. He don't want to talk Fool Guitar any more.(Jan.15)

At patronet chat,Todd said next Castle Archives will be sumilated surround DVDs of Video tour(white suit adventure tour?),and Live in Japan(NH tour).(Jan.5)

Michelle told us A New Year Gig would be held when Todd performed in Sep. But it is postponed. H&O will come to Japan in next May,but Todd will not added,Mary Lou said. (Dec.20)
Digital remastered edition of Grand Funk "We're An American Band" is released here.(Dec.20)
Todd emailed to subscribers of patronet. New solo tour in south US and negotiation of new house,new Interocitor.(Dec.20)

Open Our Eyes The Anthology is on sale. Pop style art is box cover. Inside cover of jewel case is like Meet the Beatles. Train Kept a Rolling(demo track) is included on disc one.
digitalaudioguide.comhave a plan of 5.1 surround DVD-audio next Jan.(nov.24)
Here's article of new release.(Oct.30 added Nov.10)

George Harrison Tribute will be release on next Feb from Victor Entertainment. (Oct.24)

Next day of the last show,Todd and Michelle walked around China town in Yokohama(a few fan met there!),then back to Hawaii at night.(Oct.24)

When 2nd gig was over in Yokohama,Todd came back to hall to meet some fan after the show. There was photo session.(Oct.5)

Todd wrote some messages for Blue note Tokyo. And displayed in entrance.(Oct.5)

TOKYO Sep.20. photos were taken with permission by promoter. duplicates is prohibited without permission.

Todd finished "Blue Note tour" for half month.
Motion Blue,Yokohama Sep.28th

Common Man		Hammerin my heart
Cliche			Hide love away
Tie you down		Tiny demons
I've just seen a face	Common man
There goes		Too far gone	
Viking			Can we
Compassion		Kindness
FM &21			Bang on 
Can we(piano)		I saw the light
Bang on			It wouldn't(bossa nova)
ISTL			Born to synthsize
Influenza		Hello it's me(bossa nova)
Can we(bossa nova)	Never2 land
I want U		encore:Wheel
encore:			I want U
Hello it's me		Dream goes on
Hide love away		2nd encore:
1 world			Hawking
Motion Blue,Yokohama Sep.27th
Common Man			Hammerin my heart
Cliche				Tie you down
Hide your love away		There goes
Black & White			Lysistrata
Tie you down			Hide love away
Viking song			Love in action
Compassion			Can we
Free,Male &21			Kindness
It wouldn't			Viking
Bang on the drum		Bang on the drum
I've just seen a face		ISTL
Tiny demons			
ISTL				It wouldn't
Influenza			Born to synthesize
Can we				Hello it's me
encore:				Never2 land
Hello it's me			Dream goes on
I want U			Wheel(encore)

CD"Forum '94" is released from Castle music. We got this in Japan. 2CD set at 2490yen. KSAN '79 will be out on Oct.(sep.24)

Todd comes to town!!!! setlist available(Sep.20)
Todd played some alternate tracks in Blue note. B&W(accoustic version),Live in action(accoustic),Hello it's me(piano),Kindness(piano),Fidelity(bossa nova),Born to synthesize(bossa nova--jazzy),Can we(piano and bossa nova).(sep.24)

Jesse sent me an email to me directly. He said Japan show will be part Todd solo and part Bossa-nova-style duets,with a few surprises added to make shows different. THANKS JESSE! We can't wait to see!!!!(Sep.14)

There's a few Abbey Road articles in Hawaii from is here.(Sep.12)

Tokyo(Sep.21 Sat. first show) and Yokohama(last day of the tour,Sat.first show) is almost sold out.(Sep.12)

Castle Music listed new CD "Live At The Forum '94"--will release in Sep----at their own web. Use "search" to see details.(Aug.30)

The Archives Sanctuary Records bought to release is the same as what Crown Records did,after period of contracts with Crown. Sanctuary will release some materials except Crown releases.(Aug.24)

Info from TR connection,"A Dream goes on forever--The Continuing story of Todd Rundgren" was rescheduled in September due to some reasons. Sanctuary Records will release "Fourm '94"2CD in Sep 24th,and is ready for next series KSAN(1CD) within this year. Nazz anthology is also scheduled in Nov.(Aug.16)

H&O Fan site featured tour photos of 2nd day in MA. Get it at

H&O tour with Todd started in Hershey,PA Aug.9. From some yahoo groups and halland,Todd played 3 accoustic songs of LOTCM,Hammer in my heart,Cliche with missing some lyrics,bad chords and then Hit me like a train(!!!),Talking to myself,Buffalo Grass,Parrallel Lines,Back on the street,Hello it's me,Love is the answer,Rock love with H&O band. It's new style,amazing! And after H&O set,Todd appeared again and peformed together with Wait for me,CWSBF,Kiss on my list and others.(Aug.11)

About Japanese club tour,promoter said Todd will play with grand piano and guitar,and perform different set from the past. And Jesse will help with accoustic guitar.(Aug. 9)

AWDAR2 tour is over. A few days later Todd played solo in East coast included some bossa nova songs and "I've just seen a face" with accoustic guitar. After that he joined rehersal with H&O in NY. (Aug 8)

From,Todd joined in recording session with next Hall and Oates CD.(July 22)

In Sep,Todd and Jesse will perfrom some nights at nightclub(like BB King Cafe) in Osaka,Tokyo and Fukuoka. Each day have two show,and will play approx 70min mainly accoustic set. Ticket costs $70 each and will need more for drinking and dining. Too expensive.(July 22)

Several dates of (no Todd)AWDAR tour will be continuing without Eric Carmen like July 6,10,12,24,27.

Japanese Power trio Tour will be postponed,Eric Gardner said.(July 5) But another plan have been negotiating about Japan tour.(July11)

Eric Carmen decided to drop Abbey Road Tour. See if you want to know the reason. July 4,8,11,13,20 dates are cancelled.(July 3)

Some more dates are added or determined on east coast late July. July 26 Cancelled at Boston(No Todd) and change to Atlantic City Hilton,NJ. July28-one more Altantic City Hilton,July30 Quebec,Canada(TBA),Aug 1st Toad Place,New Haven,CT--solo. More dates may be added until Aug 9th with Hall & Oates?(June 22)

From Eric Carmen site,Eric said 2 Hawaii gigs were loose as warm up for US tour. In first half,artists sung 3 songs each includes their songs with other members. Last half is accoustic and electric,performed Beatle songs. Honolulu Star Bulletin(Hawaii's newspaper) featured articles of rehearsal and live review.(June 22)

Backing members of Abbey Road Tour---Godley Townsend,John Beck from previous tour and Steve Murphy(drums?)--- from
Live in Japan Video(1990) will be on sale at DVD format from image entertainment in Aug.
New CD called "Todd Rundgren and his friend" will release in Aug 2nd. Starts preorder on

Todd said about this summer plan on recent patronet chat.
The band will do rehersal for a week in Honolulu before Hawaii concerts. The plan of Power trio tour in Japan is nagotiating. H&O tour is formatted. Todd will play 50min with the band and he'll return at the encore for 1/2 hours.(June13)

Most recent patronet mail said Abbey Road tour will start in June 15th at Maui,Hawaii. Before that,member will do rehersal for a week at Honolulu(Honolulu Star Bulletin reports). At least Todd shows this tour continues until July 23. But Abbey Road Tour may go on until 27th. And Hall&Oates with Todd tour start Aug 9th until Sep.1.(May24,31 added)

TR starts to preorder new archive series. This will be 9cds,first one is BTTB Tour '78 at One Block West,Kansas City. Original list from Gardner's management(was also Crown Archive list) appeared on this site. I suppose a hard core collector in US pirated these tapes from Gardner's side,not Crown's. And provided to make CDr.

Hall and Oates did gigs in Japan late April. After that,they went to Hawaii to meet Todd. Maybe for private gigs with Todd or something like that. That's all I heard. US fans showed this was held in May 5 or 6.

Vintage Magazine( have an article of "Aloha it's me" interviewed with Todd about early era(pre-nazz to original Utopia) and his Gibson/Fender/Ankh guitars.(April 25)

On Japanese music magazine "Satrange Days",is featured interview with Tribute LLC for Paul MaCartney project. In it next project will be a Todd Rundgren tribute which will be release in next year. TributeLLC want to syncronize to release with Billy James book Part 2.(Also TR Connection showed like this). I don't know this and "Billy Sherwood(ex-Yes) and Bob Kulick(ex-Kiss) projects"(shown on TR conncection) is related or not.

Billy James,an author of forthcoming Todd tribute book,said details about his own book on mailing list. This will issue on mid June,includes over 500 pages,16 pages of color photos. Three parts of part 1 contains until 1976(right after "Faithful",Disco Jets,John Seiglar quieted),foward by Roger Powell.(April 18)

TR starts to preorder DVD of Desktop Collection with 2nd Wind Sessions(on 1 disc.This will be on sale at April 16 in US) and Power Trio Tour in SF.(5.1 surround audio format,will on sale at June 11,$14.95) Also check on Power Trio Tour will be released on VHS(for outside US customer). "" for more details.(April 18)

Todd appeared chat on patronet April 1.Infos were posted on BeyondAwiz mailinglist,he talked about his new house and we can see the plan on Interociter now. And solo show support for Jethro Tull and H&O. New Abbey Road Tour in June/July with Alan Persons/Mark Farner(ex-GFR)/Christopher Cross/Glen Tibrook(ex-Squeeze)/Jack Bruce(ex-Cream). European Frank Zappa tribute tour floundered. DVD show of SF Power Trio tour show is in the works. Subscriber can get at discount price. Also Up Against It will be offered at $10 plus P&P. Todd got Mac OSX and G4 1GHz dual. No new songs shown.(Apr.2)

Before Hall&Oates,Todd decided to road as Abbey Road Tour again!! First,they will tour for West Coast with Alan Persons and other new members.

Todd will perform for Jethro Tull shows in TX,June 19 and 22. Also solo show is planned in June 21. In August,he will do with Hall and Oates shows as opening act.(from TR conn)(Mar.24)

Todd Sings is on sale at CD shops and online.(Mar.7)

There's a romour of next Abbey Road Tour will be on tour.--From BeyondAwizard mailinglist-- Unofficial line-up are Todd,Glen Tilbrook,David Pack,Jack Bruce,Paul Rogers or Steve Perry,Alan Parsons.(Feb.7)

This spring Todd books of part1 will be issued from gold tresures publishing by Billy James called " A Dream Goes On Forever - The Continuing Story of Todd Rundgren". Former original Utopia members are interviewed for this. News from James' site "Currently, James has interviewed Marc Nathan, former radio promotions director for Bearsville Records (early '70s)." Part 1 will be included to pre-Kaz Utopia era.(Feb.5)

New nazz archives(American version) will release in Spring called "Nazz and Godzilla",cover art and possible tracks are shown on TR Bazzar.(Feb.1)

TR Connection reported forthcoming Todd Book will be issued in early this year will be consist two or three books at least. Volume one will cover Todd's early career up to the pre-Kasim era.

New Nazz rarities CD will be released on Feb.25 in Japan. Will include 10songs sung by Todd himself and 5 bonus tracks(from audition tapes and other). Some details in Airmail Recordings site(Jan.26)

Brand new bootleg is recorded from Abbey Road Tour in Fukuoka,Japan Nov 13,2001. Possibly made in Japan.(Jan.19) Excellent audio quality. It is sold around $55. CD-R pressing with printed label.

In Japan bootleg Eric Clapton played with Todd on encore is sold. Peformance date is here.

Interocitor(new tuner for his online service "patronet" updated latest version suitable for Japanese Mac OS(9.2.2) after Japan tour.(Jan.2) starts to sell CD-R of Kasim albums with permission from Kaz himself. Album "Kasim" and "Price-Sulton". Each has $18 with postage. Also Ringo Starr Anthology is available. Payable by paypal.

I bought CDR of "American Dream including their unreleased 7 tracks original demo tape." This disc have entire first LP tracks and 7 songs of demo tape included "Good news","Storm","Future's Folly". One more extra songs of Big Brother (original songs from first LP) which Nick Jameson recorded in early days was featured.(Dec.3)

First day of Japan Tour was held in Tokyo. About 10 min late at start time PM7,tour members(quite same with US tour) was walking from left of the stage. Kicking with "Magical Mystery Tour". Performances was combined to one set,solo songs was played only one song per each person. Todd wore black suit with tie and white formal shirts. Before started to sing at "Hello it's Me",shouted "Konbannwa!"(means Good evening). he sung with very politely.(not loosy),when he found many One World(of Japanese fan club) member,he shouted "Everybody in the house!". During fool on the hill,Todd jumped and danced around the stage like McCartney on film "MMT" setlist:MMT/Eye in the sky/Barracuda/Hello it's me/Biggest part of me/Real Me/(Beatles):Back in the USSR/Lady Madonna/I'm Down/Fool on the hill/While my guitar/Here comes the sun/LSD/Hide love away/Maybe I'm amazed/Rain/Blackbird/Me and My Monkey/Revolution/Day Tripper/Ticket to ride/I wanna hold your hand/Hey Jude/Encore:Birthday/Golden Slumber-The end. Less talk,more music is my impression. 1hour 45min. Many business man in audience with dark suits and very quite mood during musician plays.
Next Tokyo day is Saturday,opened 1 hour earlier for audience. So group had some talk between the songs. setlist is quite same except added "Yesterday".(vocal David Pack) (Nov.14)

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