The Indivisualist tour

TR-i stayed from June 15 to 22,1995

------------------This photo is wearing our "One World"-T's.(from FM mag.)

June 16 OSAKA radio station

 at noon Todd appeared live interview from 
"Friday Music Isalnds",and recorded guest DJ 
program "Radio Caos" and "Funky Jams" on FM802.
Also he appeared FM osaka and Asahi Housou(ABC).
Details see bottom of this page.

June 17 OSAKA Club Quattro

If not now,when?/Hammer in my heart/
No.1 LCD/Family Value/Espresso/
Black and white/Tables will turn/
Mystified-Broke down & busted/
Temporary Sanity/Woman's world/
(encore)Fasist Christ/The Indivisualist/
Worldwide epiphany

Episode:It's bad condition about electric facilities,especially key pad remote

June 18 Nagoya Club Quattro

If not now,when?/Woman's world/
No.1 LCD/The Indivisualist/Black & white/
Table will turn/Hammer in my heart/
Beloved infidel(false start)/Beloved infidel/
Mystified-Broke down & busted/Cast the first stone/Temporary sanity/
Espresso/(encore)Lucky guy/Fasist Christ/Worldwide epiphany

Episode:Machine condition and his tention was better than Osaka except key pad,he threw it away twice! Total time:approx 118min.

June 20 Tokyo Sinjuku Liquid Room

photo by Amemiya(Thanks Takeuchi)

If not now,when?/No.1 LCD/Family value/
Black and white/Espresso/The Indivisualist/
Hammer in my heart/Mystified-Broke down & busted/
Cast the first stone/Temporary sanity/
(encore)Fasist Christ/Beloved infidel/Worldwide epiphany

Episode: Total time:approx 110min.

June 21 Tokyo Sinjyuku Liquid Room

Black and white/Temporary sanity/
The Indivisualist/Family value/Hammer in my heart/
If not now,when?/Beloved infidel/Woman's world/
Espresso/Mystified-Broke down & busted/
Table will turn/No.1 LCD/Worldwide epiphany/
Lucky guy/Fasist Christ

Episode:One worlder recommends this is the best performance in this Japan tour. Total time: approx 122min.


photo by M.Yamaguchi
After last gig,Todd went to HRC Tokyo
 at Roppongi presented by Pony Canyon.
Celebrating with Champagne,cakes
and some gifts by fan club members.

Radio stations in Osaka featuring Todd

Friday Music Islands on FM802 Funky Jams 802 on FM802(Guest DJ) Radio Caos on FM802(Guest DJ) Wave Muse Mix on FM Osaka(mini msgs) Be-Bop Museum on Asahi Broadcasting Co.(Long int.)
Also appeared on NHK-TV "Soliton side B"(Host by Hiroshi Takano)
Backstage interview after the show in Tokyo.